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The 10 Best Resource Websites for Children’s Book Authors

26th Apr, 2021

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After my last blog post which was about marketing I thought it would be a good idea to give you all a list of the 10 best resource websites for children’s books authors. Remember, this is just my opinion as there are loads of resources out there but I hope these will help J

1. The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI)

 I really find this to be one of the best websites for children’s book writers.

The subscription fee is $95 at first, but it drops to $80 when you renew. Well worth the money with all that it offers. This is for US based authors and writers.

Members who live in what the UN has designated as a developing country have a discount on the annual membership. When completing the registration form and selecting the country of residence in the drop-down menu, the discount will automatically be applied. South Africa falls under this.

2. Write for Kids

Like SCBWI, this is an amazing resource to find webinars and learn more about submissions. They also have a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to for $5/month. I think it’s worth it!

3. KidLit Writing with Mary Kole

Mary Kole is a former agent and publishing mogul. I’ve listened to a couple of webinars with her and LOVE all the insight she has to offer. Plus, she recently started teaching a course for children’s book writers.

4. Storystorm

 Storystorm, is a month worth of posts from children’s book authors about how they find inspiration. Great when you’re feeling stuck or uninspired!

5. Author Julie Hedlund – 12×12 (For Picture Book Writers)

I have never done this but I know a few authors who swear by it, which is why it’s listed as one of the best websites for children’s book writers.

I have put it on my “To Do List” and will let you know my personal thoughts on it.

6. Publisher’s Weekly – The Children’s Bookshelf

This is one of the best websites for children’s book writers to learn what’s trending in the industry, what books are selling, and position changes within the publishing houses. You can either subscribe to their free newsletter or pay a subscription to have access to some other parts of the website.

7. Writer’s Market

You do not need to go to this site until you’re ready to submit to an agent. And you still don’t have to get a subscription, because you can always buy their book instead.

However, if you want to learn the top agents, this is a GREAT resource for finding out who’s selling books. Not just who’s an agent. You can get lists of the top 50 best agents in every area of children’s book sales.

8. Literary Rambles

This site has great articles! Especially if you are  trying to research an agent or editor. Plus they offer giveaways for things like free manuscript critiques.

9. The Official Manuscript Wishlist

Like Literary Rambles, this is also one of the best websites for children’s writers that are wanting to research agents and editors. Because they offer both interviews with them AND what they’re currently looking for.

10. #MSWL Feed

This site is easy to get confused with the other site because they have the same name essentially. But this one works more like a Twitter feed.

Agents and editors update what they’re interested in reading or acquiring on a feed and they will tag their posts. So you can go in and search for a specific tag, too.

So there you have it. I hope these resources will help , as well know information is king and knowledge is power!

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Bye for now!

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